Hello, my name is Karlie and I am the owner and principal teacher at Yoga Pop-Up UK. I’m a mum, wife and dog momma!

My journey with Yoga began over 20 years ago, when I worked as a Fitness Instructor and Pool Lifeguard in London and Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to be part of the 90’s aerobics era, and exercise to music was a great way to workout. It enabled me to travel the world discovering fitness trends.

My body kept me on my toes!

Yoga was my go-to class for relaxing more than fitness, an exercise I turned to during my pregnancies and post-natal. When I had my second child I developed a autoimmune disease, I was devastated that my body could “let me down”. In an attempt to learn more about the human body, I trained as a Beauty Therapist with Mary Reid International School of Beauty in 2004 in Edinburgh. I then worked as a Beauty Therapist running a beauty business, alongside a successful cosmetics franchise for many years. I adored essential oils and plant-based natural products, using them in my treatments.

It was natural for me to progress to being a Health and Beauty Digital Journalist for one of Scotland’s best loved magazines. I loved researching trends, fads and facts, and I absolutely loved the health and fitness industry. I soon focussed in on nutrition and became plant-based and gluten-free to help my disease. Everywhere I went, I tried to instil a little yoga into my day.

A new style of Yoga

When I had a relapse with my auto immune disease some 5 years ago,  I went to a Yoga class that revolutionised my thinking. Yoga Flow had arrived in the UK!

Under some fantastic teachers, I began to feel super energised after yoga, and I liked it! Yoga was the answer to my migraines, anxiety, stress management and thyroid condition. Yoga became magical!

Naturally my love for yoga grew and evolved over those 5 years, turning more from a fitness to whole and complete way of life, drawing me and those around me closer to a better way of living.

In 2018 I trained as a 200 hours Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher with Meadowlark Yoga in Edinburgh. I truly feel I have been brought on this health journey to share with others, as what is the point of knowledge if you don’t share? My path started in fitness, then natural beauty to becoming a fully holistic one. Now I’m so excited to bring my Yoga classes to new people, in new places. Yoga is an inclusive environment, let’s make sure we enjoy every moment of it!

It’s so nice to meet you!

I’m excited to join you on your journey with Yoga, as we meet at Yoga Pop-Up classes classes. I hope you find a new way to feel, not just in your body but in your mind too. It’s very important to take time for yourself, to slow down, to breathe, and I think yoga is the perfect antidote to modern living.

As we progress through 2019, I hope we learn lots as part of a yoga community in Edinburgh.

Join me on Instagram and Facebook as @YogaKarlie or @YogaPopUpUK