We welcome you to Yoga in Edinburgh!

As the new year slips into Edinburgh with bells ringing, we ring our own bells with our new site launch.

As always, it’s a time for picking up errors, typos and missing information. I have to extend my gratitude to Katalin and Gemma, who both enthused about the site and quietly inquired of our location. Quite a big thing to leave off the site! Oops.

With the Yoga class location updated, we thought we should bring you a little bit of information.

Who are we? Well, we are a me. I am Karlie, a 200hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher in Edinburgh.

I’m so excited to be in this place right now, and ready for you to begin, or continue, your yoga journey with me. The greatest thing about yoga is that it is a constant journey. Whether you start tomorrow or you’ve been teaching for 20 years, everyday is a school day in Yoga.

I hope you enjoy my yoga classes, and I hope your journey with Yoga begins here.

Join us in Edinburgh for Yoga by clicking here