Welcome to Yoga Pop-Up UK!

Find the class and venue that best suits you, and begin your practice.

Our ethos is simple, we want to bring Yoga to as many people as possible, and the BEST way to bring yoga to many people is to find exciting places to practise Yoga!

Ultimately we want you to try to practise some Yoga every day and the easier it is for you to do this, the better for you. So we show you how to practise a Yoga that is going to fit your lifestyle, in a venue that is convenient to you.

Yoga created out of a personal search for answers

Our Yoga style was born out of a personal search for answers, not only for the fitness of our instructor Karlie’s body, but her mind as well.

“I found that as a mother and wife, I was struggling to find time to switch off, often thinking I didn’t deserve it, or need to. I’d become  become so accustomed to juggling everything, forgetting myself in the process. I soon discovered I wasn’t alone and other people felt like this too.”

With a commitment to health, each class builds strength in body and mind, giving us time to exercise and switch off.

Rather than you fitting Yoga, our Yoga fits you!

Whatever your level of practise, you are always welcome at a Yoga Pop-Up UK class. Beginners are especially welcome, just drop us a message or let us know prior to the class starting.

There’s no rules about what to wear, so wear loose and comfortable clothing. We provide water and you are welcome to bring a bottle to refill.

Come and learn the power of yoga. Refresh and revitalise yourself in 2019


Yoga Pop-Up Class Dates & Times

Please click the link to book your class directly with the venue. 


7.30am Power Yoga Places Gym, Leith

12.15pm Flow Yoga  PureGym, Exchange Crescent, City Centre Edinburgh. 


7.30pm Flow Yoga South Queensferry High School, South Queensferry


11.30am Dreamy Chill Flow – Places Gym, Leith

6.30pm Gentle Yoga Flow Mathew Watt Hair, West End 


7pm Yin Yoga with Meditation PureGym, Exchange Crescent, Edinburgh


9.30-11am  – Yin Yang Flow, South Queensferry High School

4.30-5.30pm Meditation Portobello Swim Centre 



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